Dynamic design, crafted utilising the latest technology, maintaining focus on project objectives, functionality, message communication and value.

DSDesign achieves high standards of workmanship across traditional and new media platforms. From brand identity systems and print media to web site development and other forms of new media - we have the answers.

Located in Tasmania, Australia, DSDesign has been successfully operating for over ten years.

An emphasis on quality and a work ethos based in client communication and collaboration has ensured that we can offer successful design solutions to satisfied clients.


David Salter is a multiple award winning graphic designer with over 20 years experience working within the industry. David attained formal qualifications from the University of Tasmania.

A member of many professional associations.

DSDesign has people with skills in design, html programming, digital artwork, copywriting, illustration and typesetting on staff plus freelancers on a project by project basis.

We choose the best people who are recognised for their skills and knowledge and have the ability to work with our imaginative ideas and creative visions.